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Advantages for members

The advantages for members of the ISSA are:

  • Access to ISSA databank
    • The ISSA has archived a large collection of shanties and seasongs from all over the world. Each choir/group can use this archive material. All we ask in return is that each member choir/group sends their material, lyrics, sheet music, recordings to the ISSA. This way the archive will keep on growing for mutual benefit.
  • Membership list 
    • One of the goals of the ISSA is to promote contacts between member choirs/groups and the various countries they are situated. In order to help our members, these addresses are made available on our website. When your choir/group has its own website, please link it to our website.
  • ISSA-Logo
    • The ISSA-logo is available in various languages. Use of this logo is restricted to members only.
  • Participation of ISSA festivals
    • Each year the ISSA organises a large international shantyfestival. Mainly members of the ISSA are performing there. Each year 2  non-member choirs can be invited.
  • Cheap insurance premiums
    • We have an agreement with an insurance company regarding music instruments and sound systems. Please apply for more details.
  • Free page on the internet
    • The ISSA offers each member choir/group promotional space on our website. When you have your own website, a link will be made. Just by sending a photo and a short description of your choir/group this can be arranged. When you don't have your own homepage this still enables you to go world wide (web)
  • Gig list
    • By sending us details of your public performances you can advertise your concerts and see what else in going on.
  • Low membership fee
    • Per annum only € 72,00 your choir/group is a member of the ISSA. Groups less then 10 persons can be registered for a reduced fee of € 36,00 per annum.