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How the project started

In 2007, Conny Beckmann, a former co-worker of the ISSA, asked the board to support the ship.

She met the ship thanks to her daughter, who supported the permanent crew as a volunteer during a voyage on the Noah. She talked with a couple of these children and heard unbelievable stories form the pedagogues about these children. She observed how these children - all in the group of primary school - were allowed to be a child on board of this sailing ship on the Waddensee. They were able to learn how to experience their feelings in a playful manner and how to express them. When Conny realized that the ship might not be able to continue this important work due te financial problems, she was not only stunned but also imensely saddened. But what could be done?

After thinking about this situation for days, she thought that maybe the ISSA, with her almost 500 choirs in Europe alone, migth be able to rescue this project.

So Conny asked the vice president Iwe van der Beek to come on board in order to view the ship and its situation. "We just have to help here" was Iwe's spontaneaous reaction. And this is how it all started to happen. The full board of the ISSA led by president Hans Rodax agreed that this project needed our full support